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This is a tech demo showing off a new physics body which is somewhere between HLA/Boneworks.

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This demo is an Alpha, and does not represent the final product.

Works with Index & Oculus touch controllers.

ChangeLog 0.32J

-Fixed fingers getting stuck inside hand on startup

-Improved touchscreen precision

-Increased player ground friction

-Fixed gravity toggle not affecting some props

-Increased finger simulation stability

ChangeLog 0.31J

-Oculus + Vive bindings added

ChangeLog 0.30J

-First release 

All content and code is created by 3DIDGAME / Jake M


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MovTek 0.32J.rar 184 MB


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This work with the quest 2

Running from a pc yeah

Are you planning to make an oculus quest / quest 2 build? because the quest 2 just came out and it probably run it well with some optimizations.  

yo, ever heard of yknow zip files

I would like to say this:

Where is the Vive Bindings at?

Download them from the steam binding menu

It works now, Thanks!

are you going to put this on sidequest? my pc cannot currently run this due to a graphics issue but my quest can (physics sandbox works fine sooo...)

Since I don't have a quest I can't make a build for it, I'm unsure if it would run on a quest, but definitely a quest 2 / quest light.

Hey, any plans on making this compatible with HTC Vive? Developing a similar system on UE4 and would love to try this to hopefully learn a thing or two.

Current issues (0.31J) with HTC Vive are:

  1. Can't open menu (it opens and closes for a split second when releasing menu button),
  2. Can't grab things (doesn't grasp when close to objects, however can make fist if nothing is in front of hand).

I have published a Vive binding config, try it out and see if it helps!

Thanks for quick response. Finally figured out how to use bindings and yes it all works now. Except for sliding grabbed object. But feeling too nauseated to try further because of really low performance. I've got i7-2600k and 980ti. Am I doing something wrong or have you not optimized it yet? 

It's quite well optimized, should run well on a 980ti with some overhead. 

Check your cpu frame time, this demo requires some really good IPC timings.

im on oculus quest 

(1 edit)

Oculus controls will be added later today

I c'ant do Oculus link so you not planned to port it ?

A quest build has not been planned yet, stay updated!

okay thanks

use a software called alvr on ur vr and on ur pc it basically lets you stream from pc to quest using no wires, just search 'how to use sidequest' and 'ALVR'

hope it helps

Well the problems i that my pc is not a VR ready pc but thanks anyway

Oh ok there’s always cloud pcs on a monthly renewal thing